Do You Run Your Day or Does Your Day Run You?
Success is Not About Resources. It’s About Resourcefulness. “How to Get Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”

Do You Run Your Day or Does Your Day Run You?
Success is Not About Resources. It’s About Resourcefulness. “How to Get Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”

From the Desk of Jeffrey Putnam
CEO, Freedom by Design, Inc.


Let’s get right to it. So what do you want? No really. Think about it for a moment.

As an executive at your company there’s plenty to do. But what do YOU really want?

You’re dealing with various challenges, deadlines, stresses and an endless list of other peoples’ “urgent” priorities.

But what do YOU really want?

Most busy leaders want more:

Time Balance
Freedom Success
Fun Variety
Influence Impact
Meaning Fulfillment

Maybe you’d like less of something, like STRESS.

Whatever it is you want, it ultimately comes down to what you think will fulfill or satisfy you.

The majority of talented leaders say they just don’t have enough time to focus on the things they care about most.

I get it. They’re busy and so are you.

That said, there are some business leaders who are extremely fulfilled, across categories. They’ve found a way to make it happen.

Of course they don’t have any more time than you or I do. They get 24 hours a day too.

So what makes the difference? Why are some successful leaders highly fulfilled while others aren’t?

The answer has nothing to do with time. It has everything to do with STANDARDS.

The most fulfilled, successful leaders hold themselves to higher standards.

They put themselves first, because that’s what’s best for everyone.

Ironically, the majority of leaders massively “disregard” themselves and focus most of their attention on their businesses.

To their credit, they give everything to their pursuit of success. They put the business and others first, and themselves last.

In the short-term they get success. In the long-term, a lack of fulfillment and diminished performance.

Deeply fulfilled leaders are more successful than others because they:

Put their personal psychology first
Take great care of themselves
Focus on who they are being
Are not emotionally needy
Condition themselves to be strong
Bring their certainty to uncertain circumstances
Inspire others because of how they show up
Seek the counsel of experts
Maintain a strong work/life balance
Understand that their performance is directly tied to how they feel

A skilled executive coach can help you raise your personal standards, raise the bar on your performance, so to speak.

You may have heard the phrase that says, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Well as a leader at your company, how you show up impacts everything. You MUST be at your best, for them and for yourself.

For many, the key to greater performance, success and fulfillment lies with hiring a gifted coach whose skills match with their unique needs.

The ideal executive coach can give you the tools and support you need to raise those standards, gain new skills and stay on track so you can get more of what you REALLY want.

Whether you’re reading this because you want to improve yourself, or you have someone else at the top of your organization who could use some guidance, my outcome is to help you avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong coach and give you the clarity to get the best match possible.

Getting more of what you want begins with paying more attention to yourself, on what’s truly BEST for you.

For once, start giving yourself permission to put yourself at the top of the to-do list. Hiring a talented coach is a good beginning because they’ll keep you focused on what’s best for you.

My intention is to give you solutions whether I’m the right coach for you or not.

The first step is for us to get acquainted and have a conversation about your situation.

Effective coaching is based upon rapport, trust and respect.

While I’ve dealt with hundreds of executives, I can’t help until I know more about you. And, of course, you need to get comfortable with me too.

By the way, I understand that every person is different and I won’t develop a proposal for you unless we really connect and I’m 100% confident in my ability to get you where you want to go.

Read what one CEO said about the changes to his team even before we discussed executive coaching for any of them:

“Jeff is an amazing individual who has the ability to look into the heart and soul of each individual he touches. In fact, myself and the other five members of my executive team went through the MindScan assessment and review process with Jeff and we were able to see significant positive changes in how each of us interacts with the rest of the group. These benefits were achieved before even considering Jeff’s executive coaching services. There were significant positive changes in personality and behavior that, quite frankly, I was never able to fully manifest on my own as the CEO. This is truly amazing stuff.”

~ Bill Kuplen, CEO, Alcom Printing Inc.

If you’re tired of talking about having more and you’re ready to raise the bar on your own personal standards and really do something about it…

let’s discuss possible solutions in a brief no-obligation, get acquainted phone meeting.

This is important and I want you to know I understand the importance of confidentiality. Our conversation will be private. I can promise you that.

When we talk, I’ll do my level best to answer all your questions and explain how it would look if we decide to work together.

At the very least you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what it will take to get more of what you really want most. I don’t beat around the bush or sugar-coat things.

So get ready for a frank, productive conversation about where you are and how to get you where you want to go.

During our conversation you may gain the clarity you need to improve the situation on your own. I’m fine with that, however I can help.

Take a look at what other executives are saying about their experiences:

From the CEO of Company I Worked with Recently

“I was looking for someone who could ‘tone down’ one of my top people. The executive in question was passionate about his work and tireless in his pursuit of new business. While his intentions were honorable, his style of communication was adversely effecting relationships with other executives in the company. Attempts to turn this around from within the organization had proven fruitless.” “As a result, I needed an expert from the outside who could engage him and mitigate his behavior. Jeff was the answer! I am amazed at how FAST he was able to get “buy in”, and more importantly, create the positive behavior changes we needed. I am ecstatic about how Jeff has helped him to successfully navigate relationships with other executives and how our entire leadership team is coming together as a result. Outstanding.” Dan Francis, Chief Executive Officer, Edgewood Partners

From the executive I coached at the Same Company

“Jeff has given me meaningful help unlike any other executive coach. He provided a partnership that began with understanding me without any judgments, predisposed agendas or directions. Jeff worked with me to make better use of my strengths and manage my weaknesses. He did it by helping me to understand myself better and by creating a model to live by that maximizes my strengths and those things which are most important to me.” “Now I have constant peace of mind regardless of the circumstances at the office, the clarity to engage other executives in more productive ways, and powerful tools to better lead people who report directly to me. After only a few months of coaching, I’m working less, having a bigger impact with less stress and having a lot more fun.” David Alvarado, Managing Principal, Edgewood Partners
When we meet I’ll have lots of questions for you and I’ll explain my assessment and coaching process in detail. This first meeting is simply to get acquainted so we can determine if it makes sense to take the next step together. It will take at least two conversations to determine if we’re a good fit for one another.

I welcome a good challenge and know from experience that even an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Even if you’ve been stuck in certain patterns for decades, they don’t have to continue.

To take advantage of my offer to get acquainted and discuss your situation during a brief phone meeting, just submit the form above or call my office at the number on this page.

Let’s get acquainted and then you can decide if it makes sense to proceed.


CEO, Freedom By Design, Inc.
Founder, Putnam Executive Coaching
(828) 676-0019

P.S. The same level of thinking that got you where you are will not get you where you want to go. There are solutions and you can get much more of what you want.